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This page lists the available nodes in Minetest Game.

Naturally generated nodes

These nodes occurred naturally in the generated maps. Stairs are excluded from this list. See Stair to see the generated stairs.


Air.png Air


Water.png Water River Water.png River Water Lava.png Lava

Dirt, etc.

Dirt.png Dirt Grass block.png Dirt with Grass Dirt with Snow.png Dirt with Snow Dirt with Rainforest Litter.png Dirt with Rainforest Litter Dirt with Coniferous Litter.png Dirt with Coniferous Litter
Dry Dirt.png Savanna Dirt Dry Dirt with Dry Grass.png Savanna Dirt with Savanna Grass
Permafrost.png Permafrost Permafrost with Moss.png Permafrost with Moss Permafrost with Stones.png Permafrost with Stones
Clay.png Clay
Sand.png Sand Desert sand.png Desert Sand Silver Sand.png Silver Sand Gravel.png Gravel
Snowball.png Snow Snow Block.png Snow Block Ice.png Ice Cave Ice.png Cave Ice


Stone.png Stone Desert stone.png Desert Stone Sandstone.png Sandstone Desert Sandstone.png Desert Sandstone Silver Sandstone.png Silver Sandstone


Coal ore.png Coal Ore Iron ore.png Iron Ore Copper ore.png Copper Ore Tin Ore.png Tin Ore Gold ore.png Gold Ore
Mese ore.png Mese Ore Diamond ore.png Diamond Ore Mese.png Mese Block

See also: Ores


Cobblestone.png Cobblestone Mossy Cobblestone.png Mossy Cobblestone Sandstone brick.png Sandstone Brick

Plants and fungi

Blue Geranium.png Blue Geranium Black Tulip.png Black Tulip Green Chrysanthemum.png Green Chrysanthemum Rose.png Rose Tulip.png Orange Tulip
Viola.png Viola White Dandelion.png White Dandelion Yellow Dandelion.png Yellow Dandelion
Grass 3.png Grass Dry Grass.png Savanna Grass Marram Grass.png Marram Grass Fern.png Fern Junglegrass.png Jungle Grass
Dry shrub.png Dry Shrub Wild Cotton.png Wild Cotton
Waterlily.png Waterlily
MTG Brown Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom MTG Red Mushroom.png Red Mushroom
Cactus.png Cactus Papyrus.png Papyrus
Bush Leaves.png Bush Leaves Acacia Bush Leaves.png Acacia Bush Leaves Pine Bush Needles.png Pine Bush Needles Blueberry Bush Leaves.png Blueberry Bush Leaves Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries.png Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries
Bush Stem.png Bush Stem Acacia Bush Stem.png Acacia Bush Stem Pine Bush Stem.png Pine Bush Stem
Brown Coral.png Brown Coral Orange Coral.png Orange Coral Cyan Coral.png Cyan Coral Green Coral.png Green Coral Pink Coral.png Pink Coral
Coral Skeleton.png Coral Skeleton
Kelp.png Kelp


Tree.png Apple Tree Jungletree.png Jungle Tree Pine Tree.png Pine Tree Aspen Tree.png Aspen Tree Acacia tree.png Acacia Tree
Leaves.png Apple Tree Leaves Jungle Leaves.png Jungle Tree Leaves Pine Needles.png Pine Tree Needles Aspen Leaves.png Aspen Tree Leaves Acacia leaves.png Acacia Tree Leaves
Apple.png Apple


Firefly.png Firefly Red Butterfly.png Red Butterfly Violet Butterfly.png Violet Butterfly White Butterfly.png White Butterfly

Background color key

The background color denotes the availability of the nodes. It tells you in which map generators these nodes may be generated.

  • Yellow: Generated in all map generators
  • White: Generated in all map generators except singlenode
  • Gray: Generated in all map generators except v6 and singlenode
  • Light blue: Only generated in valleys

Manufactured nodes

These nodes are not found naturally; these must be crafted or smelted by the player.

Building nodes

Acaciawood Planks.png Acacia Wood Planks Wooden Planks.png Apple Wood Planks Aspen Wood Planks.png Aspen Wood Planks Brick.png Brick Block Bronze block.png Bronze Block
Coal block.png Coal Block Copper block.png Copper Block Desert Cobblestone.png Desert Cobblestone Desert Stone Block.png Desert Stone Block Desert stone brick.png Desert Stone Brick
Desert Sandstone Block.png Desert Sandstone Block Desert Sandstone Brick.png Desert Sandstone Brick Diamond block.png Diamond Block Glass.png Glass Gold block.png Gold Block
Wooden Planks jungle.png Jungle Wood Planks Obsidian Block.png Obsidian Block Obsidian Brick.png Obsidian Brick Obsidian glass.png Obsidian Glass Pinewood Planks.png Pine Wood Planks
Sandstone Block.png Sandstone Block Silver Sandstone Block.png Silver Sandstone Block Silver Sandstone Brick.png Silver Sandstone Brick Stone Block.png Stone Block Stone brick.png Stone Brick
Straw.png Straw Steel block.png Steel Block Tin Block.png Tin Block Wool white.png Wool


Fence.png Apple Wood Fence Acacia Fence.png Acacia Fence Aspen Fence.png Aspen Fence Junglewood Fence.png Jungle Wood Fence Pine Fence.png Pine Fence
Acacia Wood Fence Rail.png Acacia Wood Fence Rail Apple Wood Fence Rail.png Apple Wood Fence Rail Aspen Wood Fence Rail.png Aspen Wood Fence Rail Jungle Wood Fence Rail.png Jungle Wood Fence Rail Pine Wood Fence Rail.png Pine Wood Fence Rail
Fence Gate.png Apple Wood Fence Gate Acacia Fence Gate.png Acacia Fence Gate Aspen Fence Gate.png Aspen Fence Gate Junglewood Fence Gate.png Jungle Wood Fence Gate Pine Fence Gate.png Pine Fence Gate
Cobblestone Wall.png Cobblestone Wall Mossy Cobblestone Wall.png Mossy Cobblestone Wall Desert Cobblestone Wall.png Desert Cobblestone Wall
Glass Pane.png Glass Pane Obsidian Glass Pane.png Obsidian Glass Pane Iron bar.png Steel Bars
Trapdoor.png Wooden Trapdoor Steel Trapdoor.png Steel Trapdoor Steel Bar Trapdoor.png Steel Bar Trapdoor
Wooden Door.png Wooden Door Steel Door.png Steel Door Steel Bar Door.png Steel Bar Door Glass Door.png Glass Door Obsidian Glass Door.png Obsidian Glass Door


Mese Lamp.png Mese Lamp
Mese Post Light.png Apple Wood Mese Post Light File:Acacia Wood Mese Post Light.png Acacia Wood Mese Post Light File:Aspen Wood Mese Post Light.png Aspen Wood Mese Post Light File:Jungle Wood Mese Post Light.png Jungle Wood Mese Post Light File:Pine Wood Mese Post Light.png Pine Wood Mese Post Light
Torch.png Torch


Rail.png Rail Brake rail.png Brake Rail Powered rail.png Powered Rail
Ladder.png Wooden Ladder Steel Ladder.png Steel Ladder


Chest.png Chest Chest lock.png Locked Chest Vessels Shelf.png Vessels Shelf Bookshelf.png Bookshelf


Furnace.png Furnace
Gun Powder.png Gun Powder TNT.png TNT
Sign.png Wooden Sign Steel Sign.png Steel Sign
Simple Bed.png Simple Bed Fancy Bed.png Fancy Bed


Drinking glass.png Empty Drinking Glass Glass bottle.png Empty Glass Bottle Firefly in a Bottle.png Firefly in a Bottle Steel bottle.png Empty Heavy Steel Bottle

Slabs and Stairs

Acacia Wood Slab.png Acacia Wood Slab Acacia Wood Stair.png Acacia Wood Stair Aspen Wood Slab.png Aspen Wood Slab Aspen Wood Stair.png Aspen Wood Stair
Wooden Slab.png Apple Wood Slab Wooden Stair.png Apple Wood Stair Brick Slab.png Brick Slab Brick Stair.png Brick Stair
Bronze Block Slab.png Bronze Block Slab Bronze Block Stair.png Bronze Block Stair Cobble Slab.png Cobblestone Slab Cobble Stair.png Cobblestone Stair
Copper Block Slab.png Copper Block Slab Copper Block Stair.png Copper Block Stair Desert Cobblestone Slab.png Desert Cobblestone Slab Desert Cobblestone Stair.png Desert Cobblestone Stair
Desert Sandstone Slab.png Desert Sandstone Slab Desert Sandstone Stair.png Desert Sandstone Stair Desert Sandstone Block Slab.png Desert Sandstone Block Slab Desert Sandstone Block Stair.png Desert Sandstone Block Stair
Desert Sandstone Brick Slab.png Desert Sandstone Brick Slab Desert Sandstone Brick Stair.png Desert Sandstone Brick Stair Desert Stone Slab.png Desert Stone Slab Desert Stone Stair.png Desert Stone Stair
Desert Stone Block Slab.png Desert Stone Block Slab Desert Stone Block Stair.png Desert Stone Block Stair Desert Stone Brick Slab.png Desert Stone Brick Slab Desert Stone Brick Stair.png Desert Stone Brick Stair
Glass Slab.png Glass Slab Glass Stair.png Glass Stair Gold Block Slab.png Gold Block Slab Gold Block Stair.png Gold Block Stair
Ice Slab.png Ice Slab Ice Stair.png Ice Stair Jungle Wood Slab.png Jungle Wood Slab Jungle Wood Stair.png Jungle Wood Stair
Mossy Cobblestone Slab.png Mossy Cobblestone Slab Mossy Cobblestone Stair.png Mossy Cobblestone Stair Obsidian Slab.png Obsidian Slab Obsidian Stair.png Obsidian Stair
Obsidian Block Slab.png Obsidian Block Slab Obsidian Block Stair.png Obsidian Block Stair Obsidian Brick Slab.png Obsidian Brick Slab Obsidian Brick Stair.png Obsidian Brick Stair
Obsidian Glass Slab.png Obsidian Glass Slab Obsidian Glass Stair.png Obsidian Glass Stair Pine Wood Slab.png Pine Wood Slab Pine Wood Stair.png Pine Wood Stair
Sandstone Slab.png Sandstone Slab Sandstone Stair.png Sandstone Stair Sandstone Block Slab.png Sandstone Block Slab Sandstone Block Stair.png Sandstone Block Stair
Sandstone Brick Slab.png Sandstone Brick Slab Sandstone Brick Stair.png Sandstone Brick Stair Silver Sandstone Stair.png Silver Sandstone Stair Silver Sandstone Slab.png Silver Sandstone Slab
Silver Sandstone Block Slab.png Silver Sandstone Block Slab Silver Sandstone Block Stair.png Silver Sandstone Block Stair Silver Sandstone Brick Slab.png Silver Sandstone Brick Slab Silver Sandstone Brick Stair.png Silver Sandstone Brick Stair
Snow Block Slab.png Snow Block Slab Snow Block Stair.png Snow Block Stair Steel Block Slab.png Steel Block Slab Steel Block Stair.png Steel Block Stair
Stone Slab.png Stone Slab Stone Stair.png Stone Stair Stone Block Slab.png Stone Block Slab Stone Block Stair.png Stone Block Stair
Stone Brick Slab.png Stone Brick Slab Stone Brick Stair.png Stone Brick Stair Straw Slab.png Straw Slab Straw Stair.png Straw Stair
Tin Block Slab.png Tin Block Slab Tin Block Stair.png Tin Block Stair

Grown nodes

These nodes are not found naturally. They have to be harvested or grown by the player.

Sapling.png Apple Tree Sapling Acacia Tree Sapling.png Acacia Tree Sapling Aspen Tree Sapling.png Aspen Tree Sapling Jungle Sapling.png Jungle Tree Sapling Pine Sapling.png Pine Tree Sapling
Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling.png Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling
Bush Sapling.png Bush Sapling Acacia Bush Sapling.png Acacia Bush Sapling Pine Bush Sapling.png Pine Bush Sapling Blueberry Bush Sapling.png Blueberry Bush Sapling
Large Cactus Seedling.png Large Cactus Seedling
Cotton Seed.png Cotton Seed Wheat Seed.png Wheat Seed
Farming cotton 8.png Cotton Plant Farming wheat 8.png Wheat Plant

Created by special events

Obsidian.png Obsidian Mossy Cobblestone Slab.png Mossy Cobblestone Slab Mossy Cobblestone Stair.png Mossy Cobblestone Stair Fire.png Fire Fire.png Permanent Fire
Bones.png Bones Soil.png Soil Desert Sand Soil.png Desert Sand Soil Dry Soil.png Savanna Soil
Air.png tnt:boom

Unused nodes

These nodes also exist in Minetest Game, but these don’t appear in usual gameplay. These blocks can be obtained in server command/giveme”.

Cloud.png Cloud Dirt with Grass and Footsteps.png Dirt with Grass and Footsteps Dirt with dry Grass.png Dirt with Savanna Grass

Removed blocks

Brown Mushroom Spores.png Brown Mushroom Spores Red Mushroom Spores.png Red Mushroom Spores
Nyan Cat.png Nyan Cat Nyan Cat Rainbow.png Nyan Cat Rainbow

See also

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Decoration Drinking glass.png Empty Drinking GlassGlass bottle.png Empty Glass BottleFirefly in a Bottle.png Firefly in a BottleHeavy Steel Bottle.png Empty Heavy Steel Bottle
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Special Obsidian.png ObsidianMossy Cobblestone Slab.png Mossy Cobblestone SlabMossy Cobblestone Stair.png Mossy Cobblestone StairFire.png Fire (Fire.png Permanent) • Bones.png BonesSoil.png Soil (Desert Sand Soil.png Desert SandDry Soil.png Savanna) • tnt:boom
Unused Cloud.png CloudDirt with Grass and Footsteps.png Dirt with Grass and FootstepsDirt with Dry Grass.png Dirt with Savanna Grass
Removed Mushroom Spores (Brown Mushroom Spores.png BrownRed Mushroom Spores.png Red) • Nyan Cat.png Nyan Cat (Nyan Cat Rainbow.png Rainbow)