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This page lists the available items of Minetest Game excluding most blocks.

Tools and weapons

The quality of these tools increases with material, in this order: Wood < Stone < Bronze < Steel < Mese < Diamond.

Woodsword.png Wooden Sword Woodpick.png Wooden Pickaxe Woodshovel.png Wooden Shovel Woodaxe.png Wooden Axe Woodhoe.png Wooden Hoe
Stonesword.png Stone Sword Stonepick.png Stone Pickaxe Stoneshovel.png Stone Shovel Stoneaxe.png Stone Axe Stonehoe.png Stone Hoe
Bronzesword.png Bronze Sword Bronzepick.png Bronze Pickaxe Bronzeshovel.png Bronze Shovel Bronzeaxe.png Bronze Axe
Steelsword.png Steel Sword Steelpick.png Steel Pickaxe Steelshovel.png Steel Shovel Steelaxe.png Steel Axe Steelhoe.png Steel Hoe
Mesesword.png Mese Sword Mesepick.png Mese Pickaxe Meseshovel.png Mese Shovel Meseaxe.png Mese Axe
Diamondsword.png Diamond Sword Diamondpick.png Diamond Pickaxe Diamondshovel.png Diamond Shovel Diamondaxe.png Diamond Axe
Book.png Book Book with Text.png Book With Text Bucket.png Bucket Flint and Steel.png Flint and Steel
Screwdriver.png Screwdriver Torch.png Torch Skeleton Key.png Skeleton Key Key.png Key
Binoculars.png Binoculars Mapping Kit.png Mapping Kit Bug Net.png Bug Net

See also hand, which is technically a tool and a weapon, too.


Boat.png Boat Cart.png Cart


Apple.png Apple Blueberries.png Blueberries Bread.png Bread MTG Brown Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom

Ores and minerals

Coal.png Coal Lump Iron lump.png Iron Lump Copper lump.png Copper Lump Tin Lump.png Tin Lump
Gold lump.png Gold Lump Clay Lump.png Clay Lump Mese crystal.png Mese Crystal Diamond.png Diamond

Ingots and other processed minerals

Steel Ingot.png Steel Ingot Copper Ingot.png Copper Ingot Tin Ingot.png Tin Ingot Bronze Ingot.png Bronze Ingot
Gold Ingot.png Gold Ingot Clay Brick.png Clay Brick Obsidian shard.png Obsidian Shard Mese crystal fragment.png Mese Crystal Fragment


White dye.png White Dye Grey dye.png Grey Dye Dark grey dye.png Dark grey Dye Black dye.png Black Dye
Blue dye.png Blue Dye Cyan dye.png Cyan Dye Green dye.png Green Dye Dark green dye.png Dark green Dye
Yellow dye.png Yellow Dye Orange dye.png Orange Dye Brown dye.png Brown Dye Red dye.png Red Dye
Pink dye.png Pink Dye Magenta dye.png Magenta Dye Violet dye.png Violet Dye

Other crafting elements

Paper.png Paper Glass Fragments.png Glass Fragments Flint.png Flint
Gunpowder.png Gun Powder Stick.png Stick Wheat.png Wheat
Flour.png Flour Cotton.png Cotton String.png String
TNT Stick.png TNT Stick

See also

Items in Minetest Game
Tools and weapons Steel Axe.png AxeBinoculars.png BinocularsBook.png Book (Book with Text.png with Text) • Bucket.png BucketBug Net.png Bug NetFlint and Steel.png Flint and SteelSteel Hoe.png HoeKey.png KeyMapping Kit.png Mapping KitSteel Pickaxe.png PickaxeScrewdriver.png ScrewdriverSteel Shovel.png ShovelSkeleton Key.png Skeleton KeySteel Sword.png SwordTorch.png Torch
Vehicles Boat.png BoatCart.png Cart
Food Apple.png AppleBlueberries.png BlueberriesBread.png BreadBrown Mushroom.png Brown Mushroom
Ores and minerals Clay Lump.png Clay LumpCoal.png Coal LumpCopper Lump.png Copper LumpDiamond.png DiamondGold Lump.png Gold LumpIron Lump.png Iron LumpMese Crystal.png Mese CrystalTin Lump.png Tin Lump
Ingots and processed minerals Bronze Ingot.png Bronze IngotClay Brick.png Clay BrickCopper Ingot.png Copper IngotGold Ingot.png Gold IngotMese Crystal Fragment.png Mese Crystal FragmentObsidian Shard.png Obsidian ShardSteel Ingot.png Steel IngotTin Ingot.png Tin Ingot
Dyes Black dye.png Black dyeBlue dye.png Blue dyeBrown dye.png Brown dyeCyan dye.png Cyan dyeDark green dye.png Dark green dyeDark grey dye.png Dark grey dyeGreen dye.png Green dyeGrey dye.png Grey dyeMagenta dye.png Magenta dyeOrange dye.png Orange dyePink dye.png Pink dyeRed dye.png Red dyeViolet dye.png Violet dyeWhite dye.png White dyeYellow dye.png Yellow dye
Other crafting elements Cotton.png CottonFlint.png FlintFlour.png FlourGlass Fragments.png Glass FragmentsGun Powder.png Gun PowderPaper.png PaperStick.png StickString.png StringTNT Stick.png TNT StickWheat.png Wheat