Mese Block

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Mese Block
A block in Minetest Game
Block Type Solid block
Drops Itself
Physics No
Luminance Yes (3)
Flammable No
Generated Yes
Renewable No
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring default:mese

The mese block (pronunciation: [ˈmɛˌsɛ] MESS-ay) is the rarest ore and the rarest block in Minetest Game and starts appearing very deep underground (see Ores for details). Mese blocks are rarer than diamond ores. Mese blocks appear in clusters, but mese ore clusters are more common. A single mese block can be crafted to nine mese crystals. You need a bronze pickaxe, steel pickaxe or a stronger pickaxe to mine it.

As a crafting ingredient

Name Ingredients Input → Output Description
Mese Crystal Mese Block
Mese Block.png
Mese crystal.png
Required to craft other tools, to make Mese Crystal Fragments and to craft Mese Lamps.


Ingredients Input → Output
Mese Crystals
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese crystal.png
Mese Block.png


Quote from celeron55:

The origin of the block is just plain random. In the early days of the game I [celeron55] needed to add something to be mined from the ground, and ended up with this humorous nonsense block, and haven't removed it from the game from since.
Mese actually means "msn messenger" in Finland and is used as a silly word (it sounds silly) in the ohjelmointiputka programming community. Additionally it is thought that the glasses of the emoticons 8) and 8D are "mese glasses".  

The mese block is one of the oldest blocks in Minetest. It has been around since Minetest version 0.0.1! In the earliest versions, mese blocks were more common in general. They generated much higher and became even more common as you went deeper, which was unique. Near the bottom of the world, you had a good chance of finding caves full of mese blocks. The only use of mese blocks back then was for crafting a mese pickaxe with 3 mese blocks and 2 sticks. The mese pickaxe was the best tool and obviously overpowered, because it could break any block instantly. There were no other mese items.

Later, when modding became a thing in Minetest, and the game logic has been moved to Minetest Game, mese has seen a lot of changes: More mese-related items have been added to Minetest Game, and the overpowered mese pickaxe has been nerfed and is now crafted with mese crystals instead of mese blocks.

The generation of mese blocks changed as well: Mese blocks now generate very deep and are pretty rare. They also generate like any other ore and don't become more common when you dig deeper.

The texture of mese blocks has been changed a couple of times:

  • First texture of mese blocks, used until 0.4_20120408.
  • What mese blocks used to look like between 0.4_20120408 and 0.4_20120603.
  • What mese blocks used to look like between 0.4_20121214 and 0.4_20160530.

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