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Final Minetest presently offers two types of IRC. This is free online help. Don't expect people to be there all the time. Ping them and leave your IRC connection running.

1) If you have an IRC client and you know how to set it up, you can connect to "real" IRC at the following hostname and ports:

irc.oldcoder.org port 6667 - Legacy IRC
irc.oldcoder.org port 6697 - Encrypted IRC

2) Or you can just use a regular web browser to visit the Final Minetest Lounge at the following link:


3) In Final Minetest's IRC network, you can join channels like this:

/join #minetest
/join #minetest-general

4) You can also message OldCoder as follows:

/query OldCoder

5) Edgy McEdge runs both "real" IRC and a Lounge as well. For more information, visit:


6) Many Minetest worlds are connected to IRC channels in any of various networks. If you're in the connected IRC channels, you can talk to people in the worlds and they can talk to you.

If you're a world admin, you can also log-in to a world from IRC and execute admin commands by typing them in IRC. Details about this part may be added here.