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A block in Minetest Game
Block Type Solid block
Drops see description
Physics No
Luminance No
Flammable No
Generated No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes (99)
Itemstring bones:bones

A bones block appears when a player dies. It has its own inventory and the entire player inventory of the dying player is transferred to the bones block. Like the player, bones have a capacity of 32 inventory slots which are filled with the player inventory on death. If there's still room left, items from the crafting grid will be put into the bones' inventory as well. Any remaining items which don't fit into the bones block will drop on the ground instead.

When punched, the contents of the inventory are transferred to the inventory of the puncher until the puncher’s inventory is full. If all items have been taken by this method, the player also received the bones themselves. It is also possible to manually take items by using the bones block. When the bones’ inventory has been emptied by this method, the bones block is destroyed. It is not possible to place items in the bones’ inventory; items can only be removed.

Bones that are younger than 20 minutes in real time are called “fresh”, otherwise they are called “old”. While the bones are fresh, the contents can only be collected by the player who died. Once they have become old, however, the contents can be collected by anyone. Servers can change the time it takes for bones to become old by changing the minetest.conf setting share_bones_time (time is in seconds).

An informational text containing the name of the player who died and the freshness is shown when pointing to a bones block.

Bones are not created in creative mode; the items are kept on a player’s death.

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