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This page discusses a few aspects of Minetest play. For now, this page is geared towards Bucket Game but we'll try to cover more modsets as well.

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  • When you gather resources, they go into your inventory immediately.
  • The hotbar is the first row of your inventory, and whichever is selected you can use with left-click or right-click if it is usable.
  • Press i for inventory. There you can see anything you picked up that did not fit into the first row (hotbar).


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  1. Obtain wood:
    • Make a wooden pickaxe (now you can harvest cobblestone).
    • Harvest coal.
      • Make torches.
    • Survive (see Survival) below.
  2. Obtain cobblestone:
    • Make a stone pickaxe (now you can harvest iron ore). This is branch of level 2 of the techtree is where you start on many servers, as Bucket Game includes a give_initial_stuff mod (the upstream version of the mod was already widely used, along with the setting give_initial_stuff = true though sometimes with a custom initial_stuff list).
  3. Obtain iron ore:
    • Smelt iron ore to make iron, then make an iron pickaxe
    • Obtain enough quartz crystal: Make displayable "Quartz Crystals" decoration (nftools:quartz_crystals)
    • Obtain enough black pearls: TBA
  4. Obtain diamond:
    • Make a diamond pickaxe (now you can harvest even more materials)
    • Obtain obsidian:
      • Make MV Tool workshop and several other advanced nodes.
      • Make Obsidian Shards, which can be used to make Obsidian Glass (default:obsidian_glass).
    • Obtain mese:
      • Make a travelnet network.
      • Make a mese-powered rail system.
      • Make other technology (circuits, lights, etc).
    • Obtain a VERY large amount of mese:
      • Make infinity blocks and infinity tools.


In Bucket Game, if the server has enable_damage = true (which is common) and you do not have the creative privelege, you have finite resources. In addition to food, theoretically you must obtain shelter and light to survive.


You can make armor, swords, and other defensive and offensive armaments. Armaments are one way to protect yourself against mobs (and other players if you are in a multiplayer world with enable_pvp = true).

Depending on the world, areas and protector may protect you from other players in certain areas (if PvP is turned off on the server, other players can't hurt you anywhere). See Protect Your Area below.

Food and drink

On a Survival world, you need to eat food to survive. On some worlds, you may need to drink water or other liquids as well.

You can develop your own play style for survival that may include hunting, scavenging, farming or foraging. You may settle on favorite animals or vegetables to eat based on stackability (keeping many of the same one so more fit in your inventory) and the amount of hunger they satiate.

Note: Some gamers use the term "saturation" to mean "not hungry". This is due to a misunderstanding years ago in another popular game. The correct term is "satiate" (Though there is a concept in Minecraft called saturation, it is not the same as satiation. Both terms exist and are separate. Saturation specifically affects how long you stay satiated and is a temporary condition that varies based on the food type. For example, cookies have less saturation, so your satiation goes down faster after eating one.)

In Bucket Game, there is a privilege named "satiate". If you have that privilege, you can use the command /satiate to fill your stomach.

For more information about farming, see farming.

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A fully-enclosed shelter (walls, floor and ceiling, and usually a door) generally protects against mobs, if it is lit well. The only other known way to fully prevent mobs is to build a shelter small enough that mobs cannot fit in it with you (or out of materials that no mob prefers, but not every mob must have a preference). However, if you "pillar up" to make an outdoor 1x1 tower ("noob tube" or "nerd pole"), be aware that most servers consider them to be litter. The many materials and lights in Bucket Game allow you to make a creative and well-lit shelter, which makes the world more interesting.


Light is a fundamental part of safety against mobs. Dangerous mobs generally prefer the darkness, and can appear out of nowhere if it is dark enough for them, regardless of shelter. However, some mobs, such as the T-Rex, are dangerous 24 hours a day.


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If a world is Survival and not Creative, you'll spend much of your time mining.

Mining is simply the act of digging up a node; typically a stone block or an ore or other material such as gold or quartz.

When you dig up a node, it may crumble and "drop" something or it may stay the same. Either way, the results usually go into your inventory. Once you've mined a few nodes, you can use them to make objects such as furniture or tools.

For more information about mining, click here.

Protect Your Area

Each player can protect a limited set of space using the areas mod if the server has enabled the areas.self_protection option.

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