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This page discusses a few past and present Minetest worlds. In the future, you'll be able to download many of these worlds.

OldCoder worlds

01) WoofWorld. This is, or was, Buddy the Dog's world. It is unusual because it is based on MeseLite and super-light and fast. You can download this world now but only developers will know how to set it up.

To visit the WoofWorld webpage, click here.

WoofWorld Big Bed

02) Lord of the Test. This was a very popular world of the mid-2010s. For screenshots and more about the world, click here.

Giant in LOTT

03) Redcrab. This was a famous and beloved old MT world of the early 2010s. It died the way that most MT worlds do: the host simply left and didn't make a copy available. A team of intrepid Minetesters captured much of the world. The results were impressive for a capture. For screenshots and more about the world, click here.

Redcrab is online as of 2023. It works with everything despite being an ancient world; Trolltest early 5.X, MultiCraft 1 and 2, Minetest 4 Classic, and Final Minetest. The world is presently located at:

Host: Port: 30013

Ghast in Redcrab

04) SONOS. There was a man named Steve Hosterman who drove a tractor in Florida. He died. His MT world was on an encrypted box so it died too. S'Tink67 declined to allow the world to be captured but a capture of some of the major Travelnet locations was successful.

This copy of SONOS includes the captured builds. As a bonus, it also includes a smaller Raspberry Pi SONOS world that was lost previously in a crash.

05) Hometown. Hometown is believed lost but some of its best builds are saved as part of The Nexus. The Nexus is presently online at:

Host: Port: 30008

06) Moontest. This is the original and most complete Moontest world from 2015. This world had 10,000s of visitors in its prime. Moontest is presently online at:

Host: Port: 30021

Airdomes in Moontest

07) SkyDoom. OldCoder worked closely with CoRNeRNoTe in the early 2010s and was one of the first Skyblock hosts. SkyDoom is a Skyblock world with added features such as flying sharks. SkyDoom is presently online at:

Host: Port: 30026

08) Nexus of Worlds. This world includes parts of HomeTown, Leyadel city, Mauvebic World from 2011 to 2012, New York City, Shadow Server (from ShadowNinja), Russian Harbor, and other cities and worlds. The Nexus is presently online at:

Host: Port: 30008

09) AMHI

10) Legends of Revival

11) Legends of Survival

12) LinuxWorks Original

13) Meowtest

14) MeseLite

Edgy McEdge worlds

Edgy McEdge's server list is online at:

15) Block City there is a former OldCoder world. Block City was created originally by a teenager named NRI. He destroyed it accidentally and OldCoder rebuilt it. Edgy's copy has been worked on by wsor4035.