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This page discusses "mobs".

"mobs" is short for "mobiles". The word refers to mobile objects that roam a Minetest world. These are typically but not always living things such as animals. Some modsets create mobs of other types.

In general, mobs appear randomly in the game world depending on lighting, height and spawning block conditions. Some of them may drop items when killed. Their exact characteristics and behaviors depend on the modset or _game that is used.

Some mobs history

The first major Minetest mobs effort seems to have been Mobs-Mod by PilzAdam and others. Poikilos has preserved multiple versions of that mod in different branches of the following git repo:

Various mobs were created over a few years that sat on top of that code or derived code. In 2014, Troll+One created a largely compatible mod named Mobs Redo that became the new de facto standard.

Other less compatible mobs mods circulated with varying degrees of success.

In 2018, OldCoder forked Mobs Redo, made numerous bug fixes, and created a major new mobs system named Codermobs. You can read more about Codermobs at this link.

This page will link later to more history and different types of files that are available.

General mobs information 

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Mobs for Developers and Hosts 

Mob developers and world hosts will want to start by reading about X and B3D files. To read that part, click this link.

From there, go to the Mobs Development page.

To see the old Trolltest Mobs page, click here.