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This page provides contact information related to the different types of Minetest. For other site notices, click here.

Minetest IRC settings 

The key Minetest IRC access information is summarized below. For a few additional details, click here.

Final Minetest "real" IRC, as opposed to The Lounge, is located at:

Ports:   6667 for legacy and 6697 for secure
Channel: #minetest

Final Minetest's The Lounge IRC [i.e., web chat] is located at:

Edgy McEdge's The Lounge IRC is located at:

More Minetest IRC details 

For more Minetest IRC details, click here.

Minetest email addresses 

1. These are a few email addresses related to Final MT:

OldCoder:        me at
Poikilos:        firstcomputer at
Edgy McEdge:     james at
McKaygerhard:    mckaygerhard at
Minetest India:  sudhanshumohan781 at
Miniontoby:      tobias.gaarenstroom+minetest at
Rudzik           rudzik8 at
Slopsbucket:     slopsbucket at

2. These are a few email addresses related to Trolltest:

Celeron55:       celeron55  at
Rubenwardy:      rubenwardy at
SFan5:           sfan5 at
Wuzzy:           Wuzzy at

3. About MultiCraft email addresses:

Maksym:          See below

First, MultiCraft, the Minetest company based in the E.U., isn't to be confused with Multicraft™, a U.S. manufacturer, or Multicraft, a Swiss Minecraft™ hosting company, or Multicraft, a line of screwdrivers sold by PB Swiss Tools. It's expected that Maksym might need to change the name of MultiCraft due to the conflicts and intellectual property rules.

Maksym Hamarnyk [spelling approx.] may or may not be Maksym's legal name. He's had multiple email addresses and current status of each is unconfirmed. He prefers to be contacted, it appears, by web forms on his various commercial websites. This said, the following email address might go to Maksym and/or his Support staff:

For the purposes of confirming the Maksym that we're talking about, company related websites in the E.U. suggest that Maksym may have claimed in filings to have been born on September 29, 1998.