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This page discusses the Farming part of Bucket Game.

Bucket Game comes with a food system named CoderFood. CoderFood includes a Farming Redo fork. OldCoder has modified the fork to fix bugs and add a few features.

How to Use

The basics are as follows:

  • Make a hoe to till soil. When you use a hoe on dirt it becomes soil.

Soil needs to be close enough to water to stay wet (it will look visibly darker than dirt or dry soil.

  • You can only plant seeds (or root vegetables) on soil (not dirt or other surfaces).
  • Plants will only grow under bright light (normally sunlight) and if soil is wet.

If you'd like to farm on the Moon, i.e., in OldCoder Moontest, it needs to be in a room that's sealed off from vacuum and has been filled with air using air generators.

Notable Changes

Old Farming Table

The old Trolltest farming table isn't accurate any longer. However, if you'd like to see it, click here.