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This page discusses the protection of areas as it works in most Final Minetest _games.

Protection Basics

Most _games use OldCoder "areas". This is a version of the old "areas" mod with these special features:

  • You can use much shorter commands like "/a1" and "/a2"
  • "protector" protection can be converted to "areas" protection
  • The "areas" HUD display is limited in size

Areas Short Commands

  • /a1 or /apos1 instead of /area_pos1
  • /a2 or /apos2 instead of /area_pos2
  • /rra instead of /recursive_remove_areas

How to Protect

Imagine a box around the area you want to protect. Go to one of the lower corners. Type "/a1". Fly or climb to the opposite upper corner. Type "/a2". Then type something like:

/protect Jane Blue House

How to Add Somebody

Sorry, this is tricky. To add Bill to a protected area, try this. Go to the area. You should see the area name and ID number displayed. Let's pretend that the ID is 42. Type commands like these:

/select_area 42
/add_owner 42 Bill Bill's Room

Replace Bill with the right player nick. Replace 42 with the right area ID number.

World admins can add people in a easier way using something called CoderGroups. We'll need to explain that later.