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Welcome to the Minetest wiki. If you'd like to edit here, send email to:

Minetest is a free game engine. Think of Minetest as a collection of different programs similar to Minecraft™. Each program can create or visit blocky game worlds. Both offline worlds and communal worlds on the Internet are supported.

The blocky game worlds have themes such as Old West, post apocalypse, ordinary cities, and many more. The client automatically downloads assets. Gameplay is defined by Lua mods which usually run on the server.

This type of game is referred to as voxel. One well-known part of many voxel games is that you can acquire ores and other materials, often by mining them, and use them to "craft" objects such as tools. However, Minetest offers more than this. And Final Minetest in particular is the FOSS platform of choice for edutech and academic voxel work.

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The different Minetest programs include:

  • Classic Minetest 4 from the 2010s
  • Minetest 5, also known as Trolltest or
  • A commercial program, MultiCraft (see note below)
  • and the most advanced in some respects, Final Minetest

Note: MultiCraft, the Minetest fork, isn't related to Multicraft™, a U.S. manufacturer, or Multicraft, a Swiss Minecraft™ hosting company, or Multicraft, a line of screwdrivers sold by PB Swiss Tools. Maksym should have chosen a more unique name.

Final Minetest includes server and client programs of different types. Its primary server program, finetestserver, works with all major Minetest clients dated through mid-2023. Note: Post-2023 Trolltest and MultiCraft clients may not be supported.

This website focuses on Final Minetest but it includes some Trolltest documentation as it's partly compatible.

Pages for users

These pages include parts for users, for world hosts, and for developers in general.

To learn how to play on most servers, try clicking Bucket_Game, which has the most popular mods (integrated but configurable).

Developers' Center

The Developers' Center is largely for Final Minetest core developers and website admins. However, all visitors are welcome to read content.

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Non-Minetest pages

To be added.

About this website

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