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About Minetest

There are many versions of Minetest out there. Examples include:

Final Minetest at

Trolltest at
MultiCraft 1
MultiCraft 2
Dozens of Play-Store clones

This wiki is being re­writ­ten to cover pri­mar­ily Final Minetest aka Final MT. Some of the dif­fer­ences in the other ver­sions will be dis­cus­sed.

Minetest is a game engine for various games which usually play in an open world made out of cubes, inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft, and the like. You can download games, mods and texture packs in Minetest or join a server.

Minetest is free software, released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (version 2.1 or later). This allows the community to continuously improve and support it potentially forever.

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New release of Final Minetest coming


Getting Started

New to Minetest? Need help with the basics? See this page to get started!


Information about blocks in Minetest.


Information about the various items in Minetest.


Moving things.

Map generator

How worlds are created.


Climatic zones and vegetation.


How to craft.
Useful Pages


Frequently asked questions.


Common technical problems and fixes.


Information on games that you can play in Minetest.


Information on numerous user-created mods that alter gameplay.

Texture Packs

Various texture packs that alter the look of the game.


Documentation on starting and maintaining a server.


Programs and Editors

Third-party programs to use with Minetest.

Version History

Detailed information regarding past versions of Minetest.

Main Site

9,000 git repos

Old forums

IRC: To be documented Developer wiki: Coming

Contributing to the wikis

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