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The hand is the most basic “tool” in Minetest. The hand is capable of breaking blocks and punching. But these features might differ in games. The hand is automatically selected when you wield nothing.

The “implicit” hand

If you carry an item which is not a tool (for example: a stone), it has the same properties as you’d have with the hand, which means, you can collect items and dig the weakest blocks with the same digging time as with the hand. If you use a tool to break a block for which this tool wasn’t build for, the digging time also equals those of the hand as long as the block is breakable by hand at all. The tool does not wear off from that. For example, if you use a pickaxe to dig out dirt, the pickaxe behaves exactly like the hand.

The hand in Minetest Game

The hand can dig weak blocks such as sand, dirt, tree, glass and many more, but slowly. Many wood-based blocks can be broken by hand.

The hand also deals minimal damage. It has a pointing range of 4, which means you can point to blocks up to 4 block lengths away


  • Punch interval: 0.9 seconds
  • Damage: Half heart.png
  • Pointing range: 4

Selected digging times

Creative Mode

In Minetest Game's Creative Mode, the hand becomes incredibly powerful. Its pointing range is increased to 10 blocks, damage is increased to Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png and it can mine almost every block. It also digs also much faster than usual.