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Itemstrings are the internal names for items, blocks, nodes (everything which can be stored in an inventory).


An usual itemstring consists of a the name of the mod where the item originates from followed by a “:” followed by an item name. All itemstrings are case sensitive.



  • default:torch — a torch (from mod “default”)
  • default:dirtdirt (from mod “default”)
  • farming:breadbread (from mod “farming”)
  • wool:orange — orange wool (from mod “wool”)
  • screwdriver:screwdriverscrewdriver (from mod “screwdriver”)

There are itemstrings which don’t follow the syntax rules, see #Special itemstrings.


Itemstrings can be used as arguments used for the /give and /giveme commands.

Example: /giveme default:torch—give yourself a torch

Special itemstrings

There are itemstrings which do not follow the usual syntax rules. These itemstrings are always available, regardless of the activated mods:

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