This is a set of editable Minetest pages. It's not a wiki, but it's similar. If you'd like to edit these pages, click here.

This entry point to the Minetest pages is for developers, power users, and wiki editors. Others will want to visit the main site at minetest.org.

These pages and the main site will be partially merged in the short term. We have the Old MT wiki content and will merge that as well in due course.

Important note: Editors, please see the "Note to editors" at the bottom of this page.

Pages for users

Developers Center

Minetest Book material

These pages will move to the Fierce Fibers site or other Minetest Book sites.

Note to editors

N1. There is no provision yet for locked access while editing, so other people might overwrite your stuff. Make back-up copies of your edits on your side.

N2. To solve the locking problem, we might put a common lock feature in for joe, nano, vim, etc.

We'd prefer not to use git or wiki.js for now. git is complicated and wiki.js will contradict a goal that we have: merge the Markdown dialect used for these pages and Haggis, the markup language used for most of OldCoder's websites.

If you edit on your own PC, perhaps diff before copying your updates back to the server.

N3. Don't be offended if pages get moved around or chopped into pieces. This iteration of the website will probably be under heavy construction for about a year.

World Pages

Builder Pages

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