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Note: This page lists the available tree species in Minetest Game. For the blocks, visit the corresponding pages (see below).

Trees appear naturally in the world and from different species of saplings. Unlike other plants, saplings grow, at some point in time, instantly into a full-size tree. There are various species of trees. This page lists the trees currently found in Minetest Game 5.0.0.


Species Trunk Foliage Sapling Fruit Generated in v6?
Apple tree Tree.png Apple Tree Leaves.png Apple Tree Leaves Sapling.png Apple Tree Sapling Apple.png Apple (sometimes) Yes
Jungle tree Jungle Tree.png Jungle Tree Jungle Leaves.png Jungle Tree Leaves Jungle Sapling.png Jungle Tree Sapling None Yes
Emergent jungle tree Jungle Tree.png Jungle Tree Jungle Leaves.png Jungle Tree Leaves Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling.png Emergent Jungle Tree Sapling None No
Pine tree Pine Tree.png Pine Tree Pine Needles.png Pine Tree Needles Pine Sapling.png Pine Tree Sapling None Yes
Acacia tree Acacia Tree.png Acacia Tree Acacia Leaves.png Acacia Tree Leaves Acacia Sapling.png Acacia Tree Sapling None No
Aspen tree Aspen Tree.png Aspen Tree Aspen Leaves.png Aspen Leaves Aspen Sapling.png Aspen Tree Sapling None No

Tree species guide

Apple tree

Apple tree is a very common tree species which occurs especially in temperate climates and grows from apple tree saplings. Its trunk usually consists of 4 or 5 tree blocks and some apple tree leaves. Apple trees may or may not bear apples. When grown from an apple tree sapling, there is a 25% chance the tree will bear apples.

Apple trees are able to regrow their apples.

The trunk of regular trees are slightly differently shaped depending on the map generator being used. In v6, it grows straight upwards, while in the other map generators, the trunk may branch.

  • Apple tree with branches but without apples (in all mapgens except v6)
  • Apple tree without apples in mapgen v6
  • Modern apple tree with branches (in all mapgens except v6)
  • Apple tree in mapgen v6

Jungle tree

Jungle trees grow from jungle tree saplings and are only found naturally in jungles. The trunk consists of jungle tree blocks and jungle tree leaves and usually has 9-13 jungle tree blocks in height. On a flat floor, up to additional 8 jungle tree blocks can appear around the trunk. This makes jungle trees excellent for farming a lot of tree trunk blocks.

The jungle trees in v6 are very differently shaped than in the other map generators. V6 jungle trees don't branch out and have a wider leaf spread. Jungle trees in the other map generators have branches, but fewer leaves in total.

  • Modern jungle tree (in all mapgens except v6)
  • Jungle tree in mapgen v6

Emergent jungle tree

Emergent jungle trees grow from emergent jungle tree saplings. They are like jungle trees, much much taller.

Pine tree

Pine trees appear naturally in taiga biomes. Pine trees may be covered in snow. In the map generator v6, this is always the case. They can grow up to 13 nodes high. They are made of pine tree blocks and pine tree needles. Pine tree saplings grow into pine trees. which will be covered in snow if the sapling was next to dirt with snow, snow or snow block.

Although the difference is subtle, pine trees are shaped a bit differently in v6 than in the other map generators. In v6, pine trees are generally higher and have wider leaves.

  • Typical pine tree (in all mapgens except v6)
  • Snow-covered pine tree (in all mapgens except v6)
  • Pine tree in v6
  • Snow-covered pine tree in v6

Acacia tree

Acacia trees grow in savanna biomes and grow from acacia tree saplings. Acacia trees do not naturally appear in the v6 map generator.

They are made of 12-13 acacia tree blocks and about 75 acacia tree leaves. Acacia trees consist of a main vertical trunk which is 4 or 5 acacia tree block tall, and 4 branches of 2 acacia tree blocks each.

Acacia tree

Aspen tree

Aspen trees grow in deciduous forests and grow from aspen tree saplings. Aspen trees do not naturally appear in the v6 map generator. They are made of aspen tree blocks and aspen tree leaves.

  • Aspen tree
  • Various aspen trees of varying height