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How to translate a page on

To create a new translation of a page, just create a subpage of the page you want to translate.

1. Open the page you want to translate

2. Click in the addressbar of your webbrowser and move the cursor to the outer right

3. Now type a slash /

4. After the slash type the country code of the language you want to translate the page into, to find the correct code take a look at this table: Category:Languages_pages_without_translations#Supported_languages

5. After you typed in that code just hit enter.

6. On that newly opened page click on the Create tab left from the search mask of the website.

7. When you are done click on the button Save page at the bottom of the page.

That's it!

Now have fun with translating and feel free to translate this page here too.

Further informations

This section was cut and paste from Template:Languages_pages.

Translating pages

To translate a page, create a new page with /<LanguageCode> appended to the end, where <LanguageCode> corresponds to the language that you are translating for. (See section Supported languages section for a list of language codes.) For example, translating the Dirt page into German would be done by creating the Dirt/de page, copying everything from the Dirt page, and translating it all into German.

Many pages use templates that are in English, such as Template:Block Data. Templates can be translated by going to Template:<TemplateName>/<LanguageCode>, where <TemplateName> is inside {{ and }}. For example, {{Block Data}} is found at Template:Block Data, and the German version is found at Template:Block Data/de and can be used with {{Block Data/de}}.

Note: Some templates use Scribunto modules that currently do not support translation. In such cases, copy the template from another translated version (e.g. copying Template:Block Data/de to Template:Block Data/es) and look at the English version to help with the process of translating the template.

Supported languages

Language name Language code
العربية ar
asturianu ast
azərbaycanca az
جهلسری بلوچی bcc
български bg
brezhoneg br
বাংলা bn
bosanski bs
català ca
čeština cs
dansk da
Deutsch de
Zazaki diq
Ελληνικά el
Esperanto eo
español es
فارسی fa
suomi fi
français fr
galego gl
ગુજરાતી gu
עברית he
हिन्दी hi
magyar hu
հայերեն hy
Bahasa Indonesia id
Ido io
italiano it
日本語 ja
ქართული ka
қазақша kk
ភាសាខ្មែរ km
한국어 ko
Ripoarisch ksh
kernowek kw
Latina la
Minangkabau min
македонски mk
മലയാളം ml
मराठी mr
Bahasa Melayu ms
Nederlands nl
norsk no
occitan oc
ଓଡ଼ିଆ or
polski pl
português pt
português do Brasil pt-br
română ro
русский ru
සිංහල si
slovenčina sk
slovenščina sl
Soomaaliga so
shqip sq
српски / srpski sr
svenska sv
தமிழ் ta
ไทย th
Türkçe tr
українська uk
Tiếng Việt vi
ייִדיש yi
粵語 yue
中文 zh
中文(简体) zh-hans
中文(繁體) zh-hant
中文(臺灣) zh-tw