Sound Packs

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Minetest supports sound packs, which are client provided sound files that can provide or override sounds in the game. They can also be used to reduce the amount of media which needs to become loaded. If the server does not have specific sounds, the sounds in the client side "sounds" folder (if present) instead of the ones of the server are used, so the sounds do not need to become loaded from the server.


Currently sound packs can be stored at the shared path of minetest, not at the user path. And the sounds need to be put into a folder called "sounds".
eg. /usr/share/minetest/sounds/craw.ogg
The sound pack path might be configurable soon.

Of course, you can also link the sounds folder that you don't need to change the rights of your global minetest folder.
$ sudo ln -r -s ~/.minetest/ingame_sounds /usr/share/minetest/sounds

For Technic

If you want to use the music box of technic, you usually need to put the tracks into the sounds folder. You can easily download them automatically using following command(s):

1. ensure that you are in the right folder, e.g.

cd ~/.minetest/ingame_sounds

2. Download them all at once (parallel) using curl:

for i in {1..9}; do if [ ! -e technic_track${i}.ogg ]; then curl -s${i}.ogg > technic_track${i}.ogg; fi & done

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