Reporting bugs

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Minetest is never finished, it is constantly a work in progress. Thus all bug reports trivial, or not, help us making the engine better for everyone.

Check for similar reports

A bug might already be reported or even fixed by the time you are having problems. Please check the following sources for solution prior reporting:

Gathering information

If you cannot find any similar reported bug, please collect as much relevant information to the developers. More information usually means faster issue tracking. Usually it helps us a lot to provide following information.

  • Minetest version (ex. "", "5.1.1", "5.1.0-dev-numbers")
    • This is displayed in the window title bar.
    • For advanced users: provide the output of minetest --version
  • Operating system and version (ex. "Ubuntu 18.04", "Windows 10", "Android 9")
    • Please be as precise as possible.

Following information can be found in the system settings / system information or in the task manager:

  • CPU type (ex. "Ryzen 7 3700X", "Core2 Duo E8600")
  • Amount of installed RAM
    • You might also want to monitor the RAM usage while reproducing the bug.
  • Graphics card (ex. "Intel HD Graphics 4000", "GTX 2080 Ti Super")
    • If you can join a game, please provide the OpenGL version (see title bar).
    • For advanced users: driver version and date.

Most important: Minetest generates a debug.txt file which is located near to the bin folder, or ~/.minetest/ for system-wide installations. Copy the last 50 lines or so of the debug file.

If you are tech-savvy, you might also want to look for similar issues in Troubleshooting and try to find out the cause of the issue by clearing all settings, tweaking settings or disabling mods.

Bug report template

If you would like to submit to the Minetest forums, please consider using this template while doing so:

 Topic title: shortly state what bug you are experiencing
 Topic body: state, and give as many details as possible about the bug you are experiencing.
 Minetest version:
 Operating system:
 Computer specs: CPU, RAM, graphics card
 [spoiler=debug.txt]Paste debug.txt here[/spoiler]