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Mod Type Industrialization
Author Jeija, Mesecon-team
Latest version ?
Forum topic 628
Source code GitHub
Technical name mesecons

Mesecons is a mod that adds a kind of electricity, making automation possible. There are blocks that generate signal on some event (receptors), that perform some action when receive signal (effectors), logic blocks that process the signal and conductors to join them all together. Note that there is no notion of power or (unlike Redstone) signal level, the signal is either present or absent.

This mod by itself affects the gameplay considerably, but it makes Pipeworks insanely powerful, especially when combined with Digilines!


Note that if you plan to build an autonomous system, you may face all the problems that unloaded or inactive blocks present. See the corresponding documentation page for details.


These are receptors included in the Mesecons modpack. More are available in e.g. Pipeworks.


  • Switch
  • Wall Lever
  • Wall Button


  • Player Detector (internally called Object Detector)
  • Node Detector
  • Pressure Plate
  • Water Turbine
  • Solar Panel


  • Power Plant: continuously generates signal
  • Blinky Plant: toggles its state each 3 seconds, thus generating 1/6 Hz clock signal


Mesecons include various effectors, from simple light blocks to sticky movestones that can push and pull up to 50 nodes.


  • Piston: pushes up to 20 nodes in from of it when powered on
  • Sticky Piston: the same, and pulls one node on power-off
  • Movestone: moves along on the right side of a wire pushing up to 50 nodes
  • Sticky Movestone: also pulls up to 50 (!) nodes

Ghost stones

  • Removestone just disappears on power-on
  • Ghoststone temporarily disappears when powered, but remains conductive and reappears on power-off


  • Lamp
  • Lightstones of different colors
  • Noteblock makes sound on power-on


The most powerful thing in this category is the Lua Controller that runs a user-specified program. But you can also use:

  • Torch (a slow invertor)
  • Delayer
  • Single-input gates: diode, NOT
  • Two-input gates: AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR (depending on mod version)

Note that while Lua Controller has built-in own interrupt support it is used to be unreliable for continuous operation. But Blinky Plant may be used instead.

Interaction with other mods

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Prefix: mesecons:


  • mesecon_off
  • mesecon_on
  • power_plant
  • blinky_plant_off
  • blinky_plant_on
  • solar_panel
  • meselamp_on
  • meselamp_off
  • movestone
  • sticky_movestone
  • piston_normal
  • piston_sticky
  • hydro_turbine_off
  • hydro_turbine_on
  • mesecon_switch_off
  • mesecon_switch_on
  • removestone
  • wireless_receiver_off
  • wireless_receiver_on
  • wireless_inverter_off
  • wireless_inverter_on
  • wireless_transmitter_off
  • wireless_transmitter_on
  • pressure_plate_wood_off
  • pressure_plate_wood_on
  • pressure_plate_stone off
  • pressure_plate_stone on
  • object_detector_off
  • object_detector_on


  • silicon
  • glue
  • ic

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