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Bushes are small plants in Minetest Game consisting of a few leaves and maybe a bush stem.

Most bushes occupy a space of 3×2×3 blocks.

The bush stem can be used to craft one block of wooden planks.

List of bushes

Species Stem Foliage Sapling Biomes
Regular bush Bush Stem.png Bush Stem Bush Leaves.png Bush Leaves Bush Sapling.png Bush Sapling Grasslands, snowy grasslands, deciduous forest
Acacia bush Acacia Bush Stem.png Acacia Bush Stem Acacia Bush Leaves.png Acacia Bush Leaves Acacia Bush Sapling.png Acacia Bush Sapling Savannah
Pine bush Pine Bush Stem.png Pine Bush Stem Pine Bush Needles.png Pine Bush Needles Pine Bush Sapling.png Pine Bush Sapling Taiga, snowy grasslands
Blueberry bush None Blueberry Bush Leaves.png Blueberry Bush Leaves and
Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries.png Blueberry Bush Leaves with Berries
Blueberry Bush Sapling.png Blueberry Bush Sapling Grasslands, snowy grasslands