What is Minetest?


This page explains what Minetest is.

Basic concepts

Minetest provides a builder, or player, with virtual worlds to visit and do things in.

The worlds break down into maps and _games. We'll come back to both concepts.

Servers and clients

Minetest can be used in offline mode. This mode requires a PC.

In offline mode, the user creates one or more worlds on his or her PC and visits them. No Internet is needed.

Minetest can also be used in online mode. In this mode, worlds are created by world hosts on the Internet. Users run a Minetest client program to visit the worlds.

Standard copies of Final Minetest include both the server program needed to create online worlds and the client program needed to visit them.

Final Minetest runs on Linux, Windows 7 and 10, BSD, and Devuan on Raspberry Pi.

As of 2020, there is no native Final Minetest client that runs on Android or iOS. However, the MultiCraft client program is able to visit Final Minetest worlds. MultiCraft runs on Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Minetest releases

Final Minetest is compatible with Minetest 4. It will work with Minetest 4 servers and clients.

Final Minetest doesn't support Minetest 5 aka Trolltest. It won't work with Minetest 5 servers or clients.

Minetest 6 and Final Minetest are the same thing.

Final Minetest is compatible with MultiCraft. It will work with MultiCraft servers and clients.

In short, Final Minetest works with everything but Minetest 5 aka Trolltest.

The purpose of a Minetest world

There are four main types of worlds: Creative, Survival, Social, and Puzzle.

Minetest maps

A Minetest map is the terrain in a world -- mountains, valleys, etc. -- and the buildings which visitors have created.

Minetest _games

A _game is a set of pieces that gives a world its personality. The pieces include tools, blocks to build with, rules, types of animals, etc.

Final Minetest offers a number of _games. Important examples include Bucket Game, MineClone 2, and MeseLite.

W1. Bucket Game is a general-purpose _game with piles of features. It can be used to create worlds of any type. This _game might be too heavy for some mobile devices.

W2. MineClone 2 has a look and feel similar to that of Minecraft (tm). It's used to create Survival worlds.

Note to attorneys: Click here for a disclaimer related to Minecraft (tm) intellectual property.

W3. MeseLite is a _game for Creative worlds that has plenty of features but is small, light, and fast. It works fine with old hardware and mobile devices.

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