List of Minetest Mobs


This is a historical list of Minetest mobs and their sources. Much of this information has taken years to find. If it is incomplete, if you know of any projects files that are not mentioned below such as blend files, or any author information is incorrect, please contact us immediately.

This page also discusses the default player model (named character.b3d or something else depending on where it has been found which is often for use as a mob mesh).

For Bucket Game mobs, see: codermobs

See also: mobs Commands, modding, spawning, taming, making 3D models

Many older models were originally published in x format (a deprecated ASCII format for DirectX) that takes up much more space than binary formats or some more efficient ASCII formats. The conversion from x to b3d would require writing a non-trivial transcoder, as a converter normally uses an intermediate format which loses animations. The best way to resolve the issue is to obtain the author's project file such as a blend file, or to convert the static mesh with a model converter tool such as Poikilos' fork of b3view (press stop and set frame to 0 first), then import the exported file into Blender and recreate the animation manually. Then you can export the file using joric's b3d export plugin for Blender 2.8.

For player models, there is a more advanced viewer that can simulate Lua values for testing wield item settings and other settings: SAM-Viewer by stujones11. A Poikilos fork is only a copy of the upstream repo for now (Feb 2020) but may be updated later.

GOOD NEWS! In 2020, after years, I found blend files for our rat friend and other things! There are many more b3d or blend files than previously known. << I put blend files in a src directory in my new fork of (recovered from dropbox).

The new finds are CC BY-SA 3.0 Pavel_S and from "Simple Mobs" (all in there are by Pavel_S according to  PilzAdam's forum post: viewtopic.php?id=3063 on net site).

Skip to the "[Mob History](Mob History)" section below for a complete listing and set of wget links, after reading the "Symbols in this Article" section.

Symbols in this Article

Simple Mobs

Simple Mobs seems to be the first major mobs effort.

Several forks of MOBS-MOD a.k.a. "Simple Mobs" by PilzAdam (and others) were never merged, so I merged or annotated all of them into my repo (into separate branches due to conflicts--see and for a 100% comprehensive status of all forks).

  1. Additional Simple Mobs are in the add_animals branch of Sokomine's fork, and now we know the original license for these 4 mobs  is Copyright 2013 Sokomine WTFPL. Note that the Sokomine models are in his add_animals branch, not his master branch, and that the branch was never merged upstream.

    The following additional mobs are unfortunately x, but I finally found the origin of these four (and some new (previously-unknown) models)!:

    • (blend, x) simple mobs dungeon master dungeon master (original brown one): 2013 PilzAdam
    • rabbit: [2013 Sokomine]( (There is a b3d file called "mobs_bunny" in LOTT below though probably different). The Sokomine rabbit has brown, "grey", and white textures.
      • [ ] It may be the one by ExeterDad: The license for "Creatures" (fork of SimpleMobs) says: "ExeterDad (WTFPL): mobs_rabbit.*"
      • [ ] It may be the "rabbit"/"snow rabbit" by AspireMint (committed by Sokomine to his mobf mod):
    • (blend, x) rat: 2013 Pavel_S (as opposed to the mouse-like one also called a rat and created elsewhere)
      • Some earlier static layers in the blend file, separated into different blend files in Poikilos' fork's src/WIP directory, are more detailed, and one looks similar to the later "Giant Rat" [TODO: note origin of Giant Rat Here].
    • turtle: 2013 Sokomine
    • (blend, x) deer: 2013 Pavel_S (also noted in kpgmobs mod's forum post)

    new (previously-unknown) models:

    It also is the origin of several mobs where the authorship has perhaps been clear:

    They are now in my master branch after pull 1. Here are the new ones and the evidence of orphaned turtle's origin (author and license above):

For Blender 2.8 files of the following, see the src directory of Poikilos' fork.

For the original blend files of the following, see the src/original directory of Poikilos' fork: mobs_deer.blend, mobs_dougeon_master.blend (spelling corrected in new version in src/), mobs_oerrki.blend, mobs_rat.blend, mobs_rat2.blend, mobs_sand_monster.blend, mobs_sand_monster_.blend, mobs_sand_monster_simple.blend, mobs_sheep.blend, mobs_sheeps.blend, mobs_sheep_shaved.blend mobs_stone_monster.blend, mobs_tree_monster.blend (The dates range from 4/8 to 7/17 of 2013, so these may need Blender 2.66 or so until corrected--the animations aren't playing in 2.79 or 2.81a usually the solution is to version issues is to open both versions of Blender and copy and paste. If that doesn't work, start a new scene, delete all objects and lights, click File, Append, choose the other blend, then go to the "Objects," directory inside the old blend file and select everything in there--avoid selecting the .. or other navigation lines, as that may prevent the Append button from working. Then set the Start Frame End Frame at the bottom right to the same as the original blend file.).

  1. (blend, x) There is a dragon Copyright 2014 ExcaliburZero WTFPL in my ExcaliburZero-dragon branch after pull 14: ~~ There is a reference in the Lua to a mobs_dragon.png but he never finished the project, apparently: the init.lua is severely reduced and the png file does not exist. I e-mailed ExcaliburZero 2020-02-22 and he gave me a backup. The naming in the backup helped me find a repo (The completed dragon is here:, forked here:

    • (WIP b3d by Poikilos--see normals issue status first)
    • (mesh texture)
    • (blend)
  2. There is a new DM shoot sound by HybridDog (in addition to mobs_fireball.ogg which was already present upstream)

    It is now in my master branch

  3. (x) There is a 2014 pig by "sc" (according to dcorking who added it)

    It is now in my master branch after pull 7

  4. There are code improvements from several people at CasamirKaPazi's fork. They are awaiting review in my revert-2-master branch since that just happened to be a deprecated branch that could accept the merge automatically until further changes can make it compatible with master. pull 8

Mob History

Bucket_Game Mobs planned for changing to b3d:

Here is a list of x files in Bucket_Game not mentioned among ones planned for conversion, for the record:

Here are other LOTT files not mentioned as x files anywhere above:

More LOTT mobs and their authors and licenses appear on the LOTT master branch:


Here are additional notes on kpgmobs, from the forum post: Copyright (c) 2014 Krupnov Pavel (KrupnovPavel) and PilzAdam  MIT License

The Following mobs in kpgmobs are from MOBS-MOD aka Simple Mobs by PilzAdam:

by Pavel_S:

Changelog (from the forum post): "Based on MOBS-MOD by PilzAdam"

"Well, the new animals are certainly an improvement." -Inocudom, Fri Mar 14, 2014 13:25

"The boar model and texture are especially fine. Deer, horses and giraffe fit well together in style, and the wolf also looks fine. But my favorite is the boar :-)" -Sokomine, Fri Mar 14, 2014 23:23

"Great mod krupnovpavel although I did miss the old baddies and put them back in :) Could you have the cow give milk if you right-click it with a bucket ? Also if you add chickens we can make cake :)" -TenPlus1, Sat Mar 22, 2014 14:55

"I've added a function where if you click a cow with an empty bucket you will receive a bucket of milk and a moo sound, drinking a bucket of milk replenishes 4 hearts and returns an empty bucket :) We are running your mod with the original mobs also on Xanadu server..." -TenPlus1, Sun Mar 23, 2014 20:27

"Here's Krupnovpavel's animals AND PilzAdam's monsters in the same mod for those who want it... The file 'original.lua' has all the PilzAdam mobs with the rest contained within 'init.lua'..." -TenPlus1, Mon Mar 24, 2014 17:11

"I've added raw and cooked pork chops to your mod since the warthotg/boar is technically a pig :) enjoy..." -TenPlus1, Sun Apr 06, 2014 20:17

"[Mod] Creatures [git] [minetest_mods_creatures] by MirceaKitsune Are you interested in adding support for your mobs in the mod linked to above?" -Inocudom, Sat May 10, 2014 14:09 [link changed to .org; caption added]

"Inocudom: I've already forked simple mobs into Mobs Redo mod so that players have a stable base to add animals, monsters and certain foods for the game... It also uses the new mob api with knockback effects and better item drops... [Mod] Mobs Redo [1.50] [mobs]" -TenPlus1, Wed Aug 20, 2014 15:00 [link changed to .org; caption added]

Some of the animals from KPG are already in Mobs Redo so I've redone the remainder to work with the latest api and attached as a standalone mod :) Cows drop leather in latest version of Mobs Redo so a saddle can be crafted (same as MC) and used to right click horses to make them ridable... NEW: Wolves can be fed 8x raw meat to tame into dogs which follow player around when holding meat, will also attack monsters for you and health can be increased by feeding more. (install latest mods redo) For those who wish to play without monsters add this line to your minetest.conf file:

only_peaceful_mobs = true -TenPlus1, Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:37

After upgrading to 0.4.13 the following error happens randomly: What is the best way to check for nil in the code?

                if minetest.registered_nodes[minetest.get_node(p).name].walkable then
                        self.v = 0

-bbaez, Tue Nov 03, 2015 22:21 [changed from code block to pastebin link]

kpgmobs releases only appeared as zip files (and a dropbox folder with blend files as noted further up), but there are some unofficial git repos created retroactively.

See also: List of mapgen structures


MirceaKitsune, PilzAdam (LGPL): *.lua (source code)

MirceaKitsune (WTFPL): mobs_human.* mobs_anthro.* mobs_anthro_*.png

MirceaKitsune, Stuart Jones (WTFPL): mobs_human_.png mobs_clothing_.png PavelS (WTFPL): mobs_deer.* mobs_dirt_monster.* mobs_stone_monster.* mobs_sand_monster.* mobs_snow_monster.* mobs_tree_monster.* mobs_rat.* mobs_sheep.* mobs_oerkki.* mobs_dungeon_master.*

ExeterDad (WTFPL): mobs_rabbit.*

legoluft,, qubodup, Gwes, Ogrebane, Stilgar, Charlotte Duckett, Fernando Carmona (PD, GPL, CC-BY): *.ogg (sounds)

Creatures Mob Engine [cme]

The engine is a separate mod called [creatures] in this modpack.

Code(if not stated differently): (c) Copyright 2015-2016 BlockMen; modified zlib-License see "LICENSE.txt" for details.

Media(if not stated differently): (c) Copyright (2014-2016) BlockMen; CC-BY-SA 3.0

see each MOB-Module for detailed informations. -BlockMen

BlockMen is/are AWOL. See below for improvements.

Mob Engine

Mob Framework Mob Framework [mobf] is an advanced mob framework

with villagers. It goes back to near the beginning of Minetest, so if you look at the history of mob repos, you can see a directional sprite (Doom-like) version or even a camera-facing sprite version of various mobs such as Big Red (Scroll down the page at the link to see images of Big Red from old commits).

See for the core API code.

Animals Modpack

(for [mobf]) (modpack) Many below are from mob mods or modpacks above in many cases. See license files in individual mods at

Mobs with "animal_" prefix

Mobs with "mob_" prefix

Car [mobf_car]

Goat [mobf_goat]


by Sokomone (not to be confused with "animas_modpack" for mobf)

NPC Trader [mobf_trader] See also: List of mapgen structures

Open Ai [open_ai] open_ai by Jordan4Ibanez has dramatically improved pathing (including for follow [following wielded food that the mob wants]) and several ported or original mobs, including an improved slime he had previously made for his Slimes mod.

Textures for the following mobs, as well as for a few Minetest players, are in the "models" directory of the apen_ai repo. Where the license differs from the open_ai mod, See A subdirectory under that contains blend and xcf files!

[game] LegendofMinetest This modpack includes kpgmobs.

mob_pack (and "Robot Distopia Mobs" fork)

This modpack is a reskin of several previous mobs and has one mob using the default player model. Though it does not contain original models, it contains all original textures and code. A fork with version control and clarified licensing is at Robot Distopia Mobs.

Mobs Redo

Mobs Redo by TenPlus1 contains models from other earlier work, as well as some updated versions in links in the "Simple Mobs" section.


[pmobs] includes an MIT License which says 2014 Krupnov Pavel. The readme says PMobs 2016 CProgrammerRU "Special thanks to TenPlus1".




Sun Apr 27, 2014 05:42 This game is an interesting attempt at integrating quests, NPCs, horizontal ramping ("The farther away from 0, 0, 0 you get the stronger the mobs are but the more experience you gain" - and character-based ramping (you need a crafting table or you can only craft using a 2x2 grid).

The original authors of the models are not listed if any are not by Pavel_S, and the license was changed, possibly without the permission of the original authors. The texture license is unclear but the claimed author is "BrandonReese", since no authors are listed for "textures," not even Pavel_S, but the top of the mod says "Fork by BrandonReese" ("Original by PilzAdam).

Adventure test is a game that contains a collection of several mobs in an ambiguously named modpack named "mobs," apparently containing no original models. Some of the mobs are in the mobpack but not listed on the official forum thread (unless they are retextured and named something else--the ones marked unlisted below use the names from the model files). Some of the textures may or may not be original.

New Sounds: (These may be useful. The progress of reviewing these sounds is tracked at



(July 30, 2014) QuestTest has a texture of dubious origin, so it is not recommended. It was previously named Adventuretest, but the author changed it by request to avoid ambiguity.

Bucket_Game's Mdoege skeleton has an original texture by Poikilos, so that could be used as a basis for fixing QuestTest (some work would be necessary, since there are variations of skeletons specific to QuestTest.

"all mobs drop a mob soul 1/2 chance" "only mobs addded before v. 1.1.0 here, the rest on the website" -


Horror [horror]

D00Med's Mobs [dmobs] ( links to that repo)







[game] farlands

"Steampunk/fantasy themed subgame with dinosaurs"


[mod] water_life - mobs for mobkit [water_life]




This mod contains flora and fauna for deserts. If mobs redo is not present, this mod only adds flora.

Models and Graphics (c) 2016 by Nathan Salapat (NathanS21) CC by SA 4.0

Various independent mobs

There are some individual mobs or sets of mobs which are hard coded and therefore do not require an API.


[Modpack] Pygmy Tails Boss [tails_boss]

This mob, created by TailsTheFoxDoes MT, is a reference to a pygmie named Charlie from the game "Pocket God". Charlie gets his lower half chopped off and continues fighting. The model is an accidental creation that TailsTheFoxDoes MT decided as an homage to mistakes that other games made into features. This is mod needs some work, since it is one mob created by forking CME instead of using CME as an API.


Workers [workers]

Workers are technically nodes, but they function as programmable workers. They don't seem to work with 0.4.16 or a similar version I tested (I don't remember the exact version, but it was between and including 0.4.12 and 0.4.16 which are the only versions where I tried mods -Poikilos).

Worms [worms]

The worms mod is technically a node mod, but it makes nyancat blocks "dig" through the ground and create caves:


Cross References

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