World kits and related


This page discusses different types of "_games", world kits, and/or other packages that can be downloaded for development purposes.

Some of these things will be released formally in the future for ordinary users to try.


D1. This is a stand-alone Linux copy of the CrowNos "_game" and world:

D2. Here are some of the basics related to using the CrowNos kit:

D3. If you'd like to upload a new building to for online use:

D4. The mods are stored in:


D5. The map and other world files are stored in:


D6. Mapgen settings for the regular world are defined in:


and also in various mods that register non-default ores.

D7. Mapgen settings for Earth 2 are defined in:


Note: The regular and Earth 2 mapgens work differently.

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