OldCoder misc. TODOs


This page lists misc. minor TODOs that OldCoder is assessing. These are generally separate from, and in addition to, the ENIssues list.

Issues go onto this list if they're not in the ENIssues system or other major TODO lists.

The keywords "minor", "medium", and "major" used below refer to difficulty as opposed to importance.


T10. Loud Walking doesn't generate ores. Fixed.

Short Term review and/or changes

200112-01. Greg Yurkon states: "I tested baked potatoes. When you use the "giveme" command, they work correctly, but the ones the oven-furnace-kiln produces increase health but not satiation. I assume that the same is true for other foods.

200112-02. Formally release MeseLite as one of the starting point "_games".

Unscheduled review

T1. Minor effort. Fix backpack crafting in NotCraft "_game" and world.

T2. Medium effort. "yayyer12" wants rainbow ore and tools.

T3. Medium effort. Split up the change-log and also change the way that it's generated.

T4. Medium effort. Create "_games" for AMHI and Legends of Revival based on Bucket Game.

T5. Medium effort. Create rule-sets and scripts that can be used to derive all of the supported "_games" from Bucket Game or MeseLite.

T7. Medium effort. OldCoder has promised to add more lab equipment to the MeseLite "_game".

T8. Major effort. Work with Edgy McEdge to get a train system set up in LinuxWorks Original. Or decide that it's not going to happen at this time.

T9. Medium effort. longerstaff13 says: You know when a player asks "how to protect", could you implement a feature to the bot that tells the player how to protect a build.

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